Spinido® DJI Battery Dock for Phantom 2 and 3 (Black)

Spinido® DJI Battery Dock for Phantom 2 and 3 (Black)

  • Intelligent charging management can charge up to three batteries automatically, which is more efficiency.
  • Each battery status is shown by using LED indicators and the product is small and easy to carry.
  • Internal power management can ensure all the batteries be safety all the time.
  • External hard materials can protect the battery from other impact damages.
  • Compatible with DJI Phantom 2 and 3. Please note: the product is excluded battery.

Small ,light and easy to carry, the Inspire 1 Battery Charging Hub enables you to charge up to three Inspire 1 Intelligent Flight Batteries,Charging more efficient.

Industry grade materials and premium circuitry ensure complete safety and performance. The entire process is monitored and each battery’s status is shown using LED indicators, making the charging process simple and easy. Used together with the Inspire 1 charger and cord. Compatible with phantom 2 and 3 battery dock.
1.Connecting to a Power Source: Connect the standard phantom 2 or phantom 3 Battery Charger to a power outlet.
2. Connecting Batteries: Insert the intelligent Flight Battery into the Charging port to begin to charge; All the batteries will be fully charged at the same time.

NOTICE: This device charges multiple batteries at the same time BUT not at the same rate. It will gives precedence to the battery that needs the highest amount of charge. Each of the charging ports with different and then go on to the next one that needs the least and so on. All of the batteries will finish charge at the same time just not at the same rate.

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